Passionately, Unabashedly & Irrationally Obsessive about Crispy, Crunchy Snacks.™

The first Mary’s Gone Crackers® seed was planted the day Mary discovered the power to create amazingly appetizing, gluten-free snacks using plant-based ingredients. The popularity of her tantalizingly tasty crackers quickly spread far beyond her home kitchen—inspiring her to leave behind a successful career to take a chance on her true passion. We continue to build on Mary’s original ingenuity by baking fabulously flavorful, seed-crafted snacks for you to crunch, top, dip, share and love.

Our Mission

The Mary’s Gone Crackers team is positively passionate about perfecting better-for-you food products that nourish and satisfy. It’s our mission to create healthier connections between people, products and our planet. Because when it comes to protecting Earth, even snacks can be mind-bogglingly mighty!

Our Promises


Mary’s Gone Crackers products are minimally processed from consciously and sustainably sourced ingredients. We believe the healthy choices we make for our bodies should also be healthy for the planet.

The California Ricelands Waterbird Foundation is an ecologically beneficial partnership between rice farmers and waterbird conservation groups. Working closely with the California Rice Commission, the Foundation encourages the adoption of farming practices that provide seasonal wetland habitats to millions of migrating waterbirds. 

At Mary’s Gone Crackers, we’re in our second decade of partnership with the Foundation. In this role, we provide ongoing support to the California Ricelands Waterbird Foundation as it pursues its vital mission. By sustainably sourcing rice and other ingredients, we’re able to minimize our ecological footprint.

At Mary’s, every day is Earth Day. That’s why we source the palm oil for our unfathomably delicious snacks from growers who follow harvesting practices established by Palm Done Right®, an organization dedicated to fostering sustainable, organic, fair trade palm oil. Natural Habitats created this movement to prove that when “done right,” palm oil can bring significant positive environmental and social benefits to the world.  

It is the highest possible standard for palm oil and goes above and beyond any other certification program: animal habitats and rainforests are preserved, farmers are empowered, communities thrive and the environment is nurtured.

We’re immensely proud to source the honey we use to make Mary’s Gone Kookies from GloryBee®—the family-owned and -operated business that started the SAVE the BEE® initiative, a partnership of researchers, beekeepers, businesses and consumers committed to protecting honeybee health. Now in the second generation of family leadership, GloryBee produces an impressive range of ethically sourced, natural and organic ingredients from their Pacific Northwest home base in Eugene, Oregon.

“Being a family business rooted in natural and organic foods is certainly a sustainability birthplace for us,” says GloryBee’s company president Alan Turanski. “It is something we’ve been inspired about from the beginning. Investing in sustainability has shown us the value in creating clearer, more distinctive partnerships with our clients who also care about it.”

As a Certified B Corporation, GloryBee strives to be a sustainability leader. Mary’s Gone Kookies donates a portion of our sales to support its mission as a sweet deed for the planet!

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